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Psychotherapy can be of benefit to anyone

You may be feeling that you want to talk to someone who won’t judge you or try to give you advice. Whatever you say in therapy is confidential and won’t be discussed elsewhere, except for examples for supervision where you won't be identifiable. This space is yours to explore whatever you want to talk about, with no pressure to say or do anything. Speaking in this way, giving voice to whatever comes to mind, in the presence of a therapist carefully listening to you, can mean that you hear yourself differently. It can mean that you see patterns that may not have been obvious and that can lead to change. Sometimes if it feels like you can’t see the wood for the trees, it can help just to express how you are feeling, to try to find words for your experience. Sometimes it may help to sit with whatever it is, in the company of a psychotherapist trained to be able to sit with it and think about it with you.

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What benefits can be expected?

You might feel some anxiety about making contact, but once you do, you may find the words flow, perhaps tears too, and that can make some headspace for other things. Knowing that you have time set aside to talk about whatever you want, may help you feel more free the rest of the time. Working together to think about what might be going on for you may mean you feel less lonely at other times too. Being able to look forward to a time that is yours to work things out can make the future seem more hopeful, as you have taken these steps to help yourself and will find the strength to keep going. Please send me a message to check availability if you would like to meet for an initial appointment.

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We would meet in a quiet room at 8A King's Parade, with a view of King's College, in the centre of Cambridge

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